Performance Practice Class

Growing performance skills in the best way possible 

Performance is a key aspect to learning an instrument because music encourages community. We naturally want to share music with other people! I believe it is a vital part of music education to provide young musicians with more experience performing so the experience becomes one characterised by excitement and fun, rather than nerves and dread. This class will create a supportive environment for that learning to occur, and prepare students for the end of year recital. 


This Performance Practice class will include the following: 

  • Opportunity for each student to play a piece of their choice (does not have to be fully polished yet) in front of other supportive students

  • Discussion and learning about the art of performing music: Bowing, artistic movement while playing, how to approach a wrong note

  • How to manage nerves when performing 

  • Ear training development - students in the audience will be actively involved in discussions, brainstorming and feedback 

  • Community building activities/games for the students to make new friends that they will see at the end of year recital! 

Class Details

Class size: Approx.10 students, with a mix of levels and instruments to inspire and learn from each other.

Date: Wednesday September 21

Location: Hamilton Town Hall (Rossiter Pde & Racecourse Rd, Hamilton QLD 4007)

Time: 10:00am-1:00pm

Fee: $45.00/student

Due to the fees for booking the town hall and the group nature of the class, no refund can be provided if students’ enrolment is cancelled. 


If you would like to volunteer to assist with running the class, such as assisting younger children with writing activities, water breaks, washroom breaks, etc. please indicate on the form. Thank you! Blue card information can be found here


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